Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The last 14 days

I feel burnt out.  Exhausted.  I have no creative thoughts beyond what gets me through my days.  The last two weeks have been nothing short of a whirlwind of activity.  We have done tons of fun stuff. Lots of family and friend time, but man has it been tiring.  By the time the kids have been put to bed, I muster enough energy to clean up and prepare for the next days flurry of fun… 

What have we been up to?  Well take a look…

I turned 31 and we (my dad, Kate, Brent and I) celebrated at the Twins game.


No I didn’t get circled and in fact this was more of a joke…Thanks Kate


Kendra turned one! 


Did you know Kendra and I share a birthday?  Pretty cool if you ask me!

We danced and played with a parachute while celebrating my birthday with the rest of my family.


We had friends up to the cabin for a few days. 

The kids had a blast and the older two even stayed up late watching the sunset.


Brent had his best catch thus far this season


We went on a safari at my mom’s!  We only found a lonely goat.


Audrey turned 6!  But I have no pictures to show because I was a single parent with a baby on the move in a land filled with Barbie shoes and inch-size Oscar statues.  My hands were busy.

We went to the Scott County Fair with the Oliphants.  We saw horses (Mikayla=scared), goats (always close to our hearts), and pigs (pee yews). 

Mallory rode an expensive pony.  She is getting so tall she almost dwarfs the pony.  She also smiled at every parent taking pictures around the circle.  I about died. 

Here she is smiling at the blonde mom bending down in front of the opening gates.


Mikayla watched from behind bars.  Check out her view. 

Pretty sure right after I snapped the picture this pony’s tail raised up a little bit more and it lost a few pounds of pony weight.


We finished up Sunday with an Eid Family BBQ.  It was a combo birthday party for Terry and myself. 

The kids had a blast and only stopped running and laughing to eat dinner and cake.


I cannot believe August is back again.  I feel like we just finished August 2009…this year has done nothing short of flying by in the blink of an eye. 

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