Wednesday, July 14, 2010

What can go in a toilet?

If you were at my house this evening you would have heard the following conversation after Mallory was sent to wash her hands and face after dinner.

MOMMY!!!  I have garbage to throw away and my garbage can isn’t in my bathroom.

Just hang on, put it in the foyer my hands are wet. (I was doing dishes)

But I can’t put it down because it’s all wet.

Why is it all wet?  More importantly-what is it?? I am now thoroughly confused as to what the garbage is. If it was a Kleenex she would have just left it on the counter like she usually does

It’s the paper towel plastic stuff that was around the roll I brought upstairs for you. And its wet, its wet because it was in the toilet and I tried to flush it but it didn’t go down.

Ok. Apparently I need to go downstairs to have this conversation instead of shouting it back and forth.  

Mallory, we don’t put garbage in the toilet, you know that.  And did you put your hand in the toilet water to dig that plastic out.  Oh, did I fail to mention she walked up to the foyer with the garbage that was dripping toilet water all the way up the stairs?  Oh and I also should add that this was the toilet in her bathroom. She is the only one who uses it.  Whatsthebigdeal, you ask?  Four year olds don’t flush every time they go to the bathroom.  They can stock pile days worth of output without flushing. 

So only poop, potty and toilet paper can go in the toilet? 

Yes. For Pete's sake Mallory, two year olds put random stuff in the toilet not four year olds.

So when Mikayla is two she can put plastic in the toilet.

Yes, well no.  Can we not have this conversation right now. Please wash your hands.

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Sara Sylvester said...

I hope that you are WRITING A BOOK! Please tell me that you are.