Saturday, July 17, 2010


It seems Mikayla is becoming a bit obsessed with television.  Recently she has managed to figure out the TiVo box and buttons.  She currently has recorded and successful put on season pass the following shows:

Entertainment Tonight.  Apparently she’s a little bummed she doesn’t get to read all the celebrity gossip in the outdated Us Weekly magazines we get from Kate.  She is just too cool and needs to hear things same day, right from the horse’s mouth.

Kare 11 News—6:00pm addition.  I am certain she has a crush on both Mike Pomeranz and Sven Sundgaard.   

Everyday Food I need to have a serious talk with her about where she gets her cooking advice from.  Everyday Food on Brainerd’s local channel 22 does not count.  If she wants cooking advice she has to tap into Paula Deen or Bobby Flay. 

Who knew an 11 month old would have such wide array of desired programming to watch.  When is she going to slow down long enough to watch any of them?

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