Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My time

I feel like I have so many stories and so many pictures to post about the fun that has been going on around here the last few weeks. However, lately I spend the majority of my time, that is not spent distracting, like this; with a baby attached to my legs.


She pulls herself up grabs on to whatever she can and gives me the most precious, sweetest whine you have ever heard. (please note sarcasm)

Mikayla finally has teeth. It took those suckers 11 months to poke through, but they finally have made their pearly-white appearance. She has been dealing with it like most babies and would rather whine and fuss then play and giggle. I can’t say I blame her. The thought of tiny little sharp things poking through tender flesh makes me weak at the knees. Molars-don’t even mention the word. Those things are ridiculously huge. Ouch.

Here is me, hoping to be back to regularly scheduled posts, when Mikayla is 2.5 and all of her teeth are in place.

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