Sunday, May 9, 2010

Kid’s Day

Brent hustled off to work today and in his goodbyes he said to Mallory (as he does everyday) “Goodbye Munchkin. I love you. Be good for Mommy.”  Today, being Mother’s Day, Mallory was all about being nice and obeying.  Who am I kidding? Nine Seven times out of ten this little girl is very very well behaved. 

We made it all the way to 10:37 am before she had had enough of this Mother’s Day niceness.  On the way to Target she asked if we could listen to her kid’s music.  Now, most of the time I am a big proponent of kid’s music—the nursery rhyme, sing songey type.  It teaches vocabulary and it keeps the kids from screaming their heads off during road trips lasting longer than 15 minutes.  However, today…today, I just wanted some normal voices at normal octaves singing adult music. I politely told Mallory that since it was Mother’s Day, I was going to choose adult music to listen to. 

“Humph. Darn.” she spouted. 

Four miles down the road, three miles away from Target she says, “Mommy, I think we need a Kid’s Day.  We need a day that the kids get presents and the kids get to choose the music in the car.” 

“Mallory,” I said “There are two days during the year that are not kid’s days.  Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.  Other then that, all the rest of days revolve around the kids.  Just let Mommy have her one day.” 

“Ok. But just one day for you and one for Daddy.”  She said.

Thanks for being so generous Mallory.  I love you and all the wisdom that comes with being four.

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Anonymous said...

OMG! We had this same conversation. Max said-Well there is Mothers' Day and Fathers' Day when is it kids Day! My answer: Every Day is Kids Day!