Thursday, April 29, 2010

Our mini vacation

We took a road trip (I use the term road trip loosely as three hours is far from a trip across thousands of miles.  However, with two kids it was plenty of a road trip for me.) With plans to stay at a hotel that had a water park and a trip down to see the big lake we headed out.  Lots of activities in the car, lunch, and a quick stop at a State Park to stretch our legs, we made it to our destination.





The water park did not disappoint and both girls would have stayed in the water all night long if we would have let them. 



Brent’s grandparents drove over from Marengo and stayed at the hotel with us.  It is so much fun to hear their stories from the past and watch the relationship between my kids grow with their great grandparents.  Mallory and Mikayla are so lucky…


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