Saturday, March 6, 2010

7 Months

Mikayla starts her 7th month today!     It has been a pretty quiet month, which has given Mikayla the opportunity to become a very busy little baby.  She is starting to enjoy some baby food, though this is a very slow process.  She is feeding herself puffs and is really enjoying her sippy cup of water. 



The biggest news of the month…thank god for warm sun!  We have been outside everyday since it has warmed up.  She sits so contently in the stroller…so far :)


She is beginning to see the fun in interacting with Mallory, not just smiling at her.  This has been a blast!


Confession:  It took me 6.5 months to commit the following crime.  Before I had Mikayla, I swore I would never do it.  I swore I wouldn’t be that mom.  But then when I was shopping at Target I saw a cute shirt for Valentines Day and it came it sizes 3mos-5T.  And so I did it.  I bought my kids matching shirts.  I thought I would devote a whole post to this, but then I was scared to admit it.  So there, I am admitting that I forced my kids to be matchy matchy. However, I am burying it amongst Mikayla’s other cute pictures  for the month. 


Mikayla has now started the super speed downward slide towards the big One Year!  What will the next month hold?

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