Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Special Stick People

It was my big sis' birthday on Sunday (birthday shout-out!). Mallory was pretty excited to make Kate her birthday card. She ran downstairs grabbed a piece of paper and her markers and came back upstairs. She sat down at the table next to me and proclaimed that she was going to draw Kate, Mark, Olivia and Audrey. Wow, I thought to myself. That's ambitious. I couldn't wait to see what exactly she meant. Up until this point the only human drawings I've seen her make were smiley faces with the latest addition of hair.

My mouth dropped wide open as I watched her draw this:

Each person is labeled with the letter that his/her name begins with. Her idea, she just needed my help with what letter was first.
Kate was the last person to draw. As you can see, she was beginning to lose interest in the people drawing. Kate thought she looked more like a potato head then a normal person. I asked her what the orange thing was on top of her head "A birthday crown of course!" Well, I should have known. My favorite part of the 4 people? Mark's spiky hair...which looks surprisingly similar to what it looks like in real life.
Is Mallory the next Picasso? Doubtful. Does she draw age appropriately? Absolutely.
Either way, I don't care. I am darn proud of her.

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Sarah said...

I am TOTALLY IMPRESSED!!! I love the people and their personalized shirts! SO CUTE! What a girl!!!