Thursday, May 28, 2009

Our little graduate

Apparently the sun was a little bright for both Mallory and Lucy. Lucy decided to just shut her eyes instead of staring directly into it...

Mallory graduated from the YMCA's preschool program today. Let's all give one big collective "Awwww" Granted she still has two more years of preschool left it still feels like quite an accomplishment. The kids sang a few songs and then, the best part, they each got to be a "star" for a moment. The teachers had made up a little poem and added a personal touch for each student. The poem went like this:

This star is shinning
This star is a glow
This star is "Aiden"
"The best train conductor we know"

So each of the kids put this big star in front of his or her face and the teachers said the little poem. Most of the time it involved the child's favorite activity, food, or art project that they do at preschool. Parents smile, cameras flash and we all are enjoying the little ditty they made up. And then it gets to be Mallory's turn...

This star is shining (well don't we all know that)
This star is a glow (I'm getting all teary eyed just waiting for the moment)
This star is Mallory
The best "Why-asker" we know.

The entire room laughs, as do I. Anyone who has been around Mallory for more than a few minutes knows that this is so incredibly true. Brent and I constantly (and I do mean constantly) tell ourselves that she is just learning that is why she is so curious and wants to know so much. Car rides are no where near relaxing as we spend the entire time answering questions about the zooming world around us: What does that truck carry? Where does that road go? Why you put that arrow on and we aren't turning? Hey Mommy, you were supposed to stop at that stop sign! Ok Ok enough from the three year old backseat driver...

Our shining star. She wasn't facing me during the program so I made her put the star back on her face. She was not pleased to be sticking this large star on her head just for a photo opp.

The teacher came up to me after the program was over and said, " I just have to tell you that Mallory came up to me before we started and said 'Ms. Tina, I going to be a little nervous today to sing.'" The teacher then went on, "I have never heard a three year old as articulate as Mallory. She truly is wise beyond her size and curious of course!"

Now I am sure this teacher went around to each parent and filled each one's 'pride tank' before the school year wrapped up, but I don't care. She filled mine to the brim and I am so proud of my little graduate.


Kristen said...

3 things:
1. Congrats Mal!!
2. I love Lucy's squinty eyes in the pic. It made me lol right away.
3. I LOVE LOVE Mal's star poem. It is so true and fitting. You guys have the patience of saints!!

Sarah said...

I love this post! How absolutely sweet! Can we get a Mallory video up of her asking questions in the car?

Jaime said...

Congratulations! That's a great accomplishment. See all of you soon.